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eye to eye with the spider by webcruiser

Not only does the narrow depth of field really focus the viewers attention upon the eyes of the subject, the blurring of the back and f...


Darren Pepper
United Kingdom
Hello everyone.

I've been into fantasy and Sci-Fi art ever since I was a kid and try to get better at it. I've also found a love of wildlife photography ever since I got myself a DSLR camera. I'm not going to make any grand claims about my images being the best you'll ever see but if you like anything that you see here, then check out my website. On there you can download them to use as desktop wallpapers for your computer, absolutely free of charge.

Current Residence: UK
Favourite genre of music: Metal / Industrial
Favourite style of art: Fantasy/Sci Fi
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Personal Quote: I'll live forever or die trying……
This afternoon I was doing some thinking about the future,‭ ‬particularly how I would like to keep on producing webcomics.‭ ‬My main idea is to build and manage a website where I can upload my own comics,‭ ‬but also generate revenue through google ads.‭ ‬Now I would like to stress that I am at least a few months away from realising this,‭ ‬I have other things to see too first.‭ ‬I’m not concerned about the main construction,‭ ‬I’ve already built two websites and I have a google‭ ‬Adsense account,‭ ‬but when checking the terms and conditions for Adsense,‭ ‬two things stood out to me:‭ ‬ads cannot be placed upon pages that feature nudity‭ ‬and/or have an excessive amount of profanity.

Now as readers of By The Gods will know,‭ ‬nudity does occasionally feature,‭ ‬and while it’s not a great amount‭ (‬and I personally have no problem with it‭) ‬I think I will phase it out in future strips.‭ ‬It’s not just‭ ‬Adsense that doesn’t like nudity,‭ ‬similar alternate schemes generally don’t either,‭ ‬so I figured I’d try to be more safe by making changes now before I get a substantial amount of new strips done.‭ ‬This does mean that I’ll be altering the character designs for Hathor,‭ ‬Bast and Qadesh,‭ ‬but,‭ ‬this job was being considered already.‭ ‬In fact you will notice that in coming strips that many of the gods will get alternate dress styles and flip between them on different strips.‭ ‬This afternoon I finished colouring a strip with the new version of Isis,‭ ‬very similar to the original but with a two piece outfit‭ (‬expect that one sometime around late September/October‭)‬.‭ ‬Older strips that feature a bit of nudity will be altered slightly when they get uploaded to a dedicated website,‭ ‬but the unaltered originals will be kept safe here on deviantART.

The second part about‭ ‘‬excessive amount of swearing‭’ ‬I have taken to be deliberately ambiguous.‭ ‬I’m figuring that‭ ‬Adsense admin don’t won’t to make themselves responsible for policing that kind of content,‭ ‬especially when‭ ‬opinion of what is excessive can vary so greatly between different people.‭ ‬So my thoughts are these.‭ ‬By The Gods‭! ‬has featured some mild profanity,‭ ‬and future strips will feature mild profanity.‭ ‬I dub mild as words like‭ ‘‬ass‭’ ‬and‭ ‘‬crap‭’‬,‭ ‬with the occasional‭ ‘‬shit‭’‬.‭ ‬Other strip ideas that I will be developing will also feature this level of profanity,‭ ‬but how often is dependent upon the script.‭ ‬I certainly don’t intend to include profanity merely for the sake of it,‭ ‬but I won’t say never either.

So in a nutshell,‭ ‬I would like to know all of your views on profanity.‭ ‬Do you prefer absolutely none,‭ ‬do you accept a certain level or do you just not care‭? ‬At what point would you consider it excessive‭? ‬Also,‭ ‬what do you think about the proposed redesigns and shift away from character nudity‭? ‬I know the Ancient Egyptians didn’t care much about it,‭ ‬but it’s not Ancient Egyptians who will be reading it.

I’m asking these things now because I would like to‭ ‬know what other people think,‭ ‬rather than just me.‭ ‬This will help me in my shakedown of By The Gods‭! ‬as I prepare it for a more long term future,‭ ‬as well as help me to plan for future strips.



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